Road Imports Simplified

World Options Express Parcel Service delivers outstanding value, empowering you to achieve more for your money. It facilitates the acceleration of your business operations while concurrently minimizing damages and losses, all without the need for premium costs.

Air Imports Made


Importing shipments and cargo into the UK from anywhere in the world has become more convenient than ever before. If your business requires swift delivery, air imports offer the quickest way to receive your goods. Choose express import services from the UK for next-working-day delivery or schedule a specific delivery date that suits your needs.


Goods via Sea Containers – Full or Partial Load

For your import needs, whether it involves pallets or full containers from an international location to the UK, World Options can provide a variety of solutions. Regardless of the shipment’s size, carriers can consolidate your cargo, offering both Full Load and Partial Load options for shipping containers or delivery vehicles. The services offered guarantee the continuous movement of your substantial shipments, ensuring they reach you safely, punctually, and at competitive rates.

Key Tips For



When shipping goods abroad, it’s crucial to understand the specific regulations that apply to your items. These regulations can vary from one country to another, and the required documentation may differ as well. With the World Options online portal, you have the convenience of automating many of these processes or receiving prompts to ensure you provide the necessary information for customs and border control authorities worldwide to process your shipments smoothly. If you have inquiries about a particular item you intend to ship or need guidance on the regulations for a specific country, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we will arrange a call back to assist you.

Explore Carrier Guidelines

In addition to adhering to the import/export regulations set by countries, it’s essential to be aware that each shipping carrier has its own specific rules governing what can and cannot be shipped to various destinations. These carrier rules can vary significantly between providers and are subject to frequent updates. Therefore, it is crucial to verify the guidelines of the particular carrier you are using at the time of shipping to ensure full compliance.

Neglecting to adhere to the carrier’s guidance or legal restrictions regarding restricted or prohibited items can result in unwelcome consequences, including shipment delays, financial penalties, or even the forfeiture of the shipment.

Such errors can prove costly and should be diligently avoided. The World Options platform offers access to multiple carriers and provides the benefit of an Account Manager who remains informed about the rules and regulations of each carrier. This ensures that you can consistently choose a carrier that aligns with your specific shipping requirements.

Additionally, selecting the right carrier service to meet your needs is paramount. World Options grants access to international services from esteemed carriers, many of which offer both express and economy options. This flexibility enables you to choose between expedited or cost-effective shipping solutions tailored to your preferences.

Global Shipping Through World Options

World Options simplifies international shipping through the user-friendly online portal, streamlining the paperwork process and automating much of the required documentation.

By comparing services offered by numerous leading global carriers, you can be certain of receiving precisely the service you require at the most competitive rate obtainable.

To initiate the process or obtain a quote for a specific delivery, kindly reach out to us using the form below, and we will schedule a call back with one of our international shipping experts at World Options.