Manufacturer of Packaging Solutions

A manufacturer of food packaging machines across the world. The UK branch of the company supplies spare parts and engineering to all of their machine customers.

What the customer says
Stores Manager

“The delivery of spare parts is sometimes time critical, so we use MP Transport to deliver on a same day service and this can be all hours. MP Transport ‘go the extra mile,’ making sure they can always help us with our same day deliveries and in turn making sure all the parts get delivered to the correct place and to the correct people and they also make sure they get a POD. Do you need to say what a POD is?

We also use MP Transport for non-critical timed parts as they are very competitive with pricing so it can sometimes work out cost effective to use them instead of other parcel carriers .

We have used MP Transport for 12 years and continue to use them because of the superb service they give to us. We can’t fault them!!”

The delivery of spare parts is critical…

If a machine goes wrong – it can have a major impact on a business which means getting spare parts delivered quickly is absolutely essential. When machines are down and need urgent assistance, the supply of parts is time critical to each business that’s affected. The longer a machine is out of use, the more detrimental it can be, but we can help. When spare parts are needed, we deliver on a same day service to ensure they are delivered as quickly as possible to the customer. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so if something does go wrong, you’re not left in the lurch.

Noncritical parts are still cost effective to deliver

As well as delivering their time critical parts, we also provide a courier service for their noncritical parts too – offering a competitively priced and cost-effective solution for all their transport requirements.